Who we are

The Humanitarian Resource Consortium is a group of local development organizations that respond to the critical needs of vulnerable communities in the Philippines during disasters and crisis situations

Local, timely response
Local, timely response

Operating at the grassroots level, HRC delivers fast, relevant, cost -effective and culturally sensitive response, collaborating with local government units and partners, and empowering communities in addressing humanitarian needs


Development Lens
Development Lens

HRC provides crisis response and humanitarian aid that foster  inclusivity, participation, capacity building and community development for long-term impact and sustainability


Complementing Specializations
Complementing Specializations

HCR has the capacity to provide comprehensive crisis response and humanitarian assistance that leverage the complementing specializations of consortium members, including its partners.

HRC  works in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion; emergency food security and livelihood, emergency shelter, psychosocial support, early recovery.


Established in 2010, the Humanitarian Response Consortium (HRC) is a group of 12 (twelve) local development organizations that provide comprehensive crisis response and humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities in the Philippines.


What makes us unique?

As a group of organizations rooted in the community, HRC is able to deliver fast, cost-effective, and culturally sensitive services to the people who need it the most.

HRC seeks to empower communities by establishing a robust framework geared towards sustainable community rehabilitation and development.

How we do things?

HRC anchors on complementing specializations and collaborates with local government units, partners, and people in providing unique and innovative solutions in critical needs areas such as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion; Emergency Food Security and Livelihood, Emergency Shelter, Psychosocial Support, and Early Recovery.

Where do we want to go?

HRC believes that with wider support and collaborative efforts, we can integrate more inclusive and long-term recovery programs across more communities.

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